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FM Meyer fends off 23 opponents without a single loss in the 2024 Summer Simul!

Coach Lars set a new Club Record on July 11th by completing his exhibition against 23 of the Valley's strongest players with the undefeated score of 22-1, giving up just two Draws (to Axel van der Velden and Bill Strong respectively).  

Facing so many opponents at once is a daunting task that requires intense concentration and a fair degree of stamina!  As usual, Coach Lars made the task even more difficult for himself by alternating colors with his determined opponents.  Bravo Lars on a stellar performance and THANK YOU for putting on this display for us!

Simul 7.24.1.jpg
Missed Opportunity.png

Here is a snippet from my own (Axel's) game with Lars where I missed a nice opportunity to play for an advantage:


 After a tame Opening Variation where I tried my best to get Lars to fall asleep while I went into vacuum-cleaner-mode by "Hoovering" as many pieces off as possible, we reached the above position. 

I recognized that White had an edge but failed to find the right plan to pursue it.  Had I found 17.a4!, White would have had a completely dominating position (the computer claims a near winning positional advantage for White after:  17...Nb6  18.a5  Nc8  19.Be5.  While these moves aren't forced, they do illustrate the bind that White has on the position).

Instead, I played the less accurate 17. Bb4 and the game quickly fizzled into a Draw after 17...Nb8 18.Rxd8+ Kxd8 19.Bc3 Re8 20.Bf6+ Kc7 21.Be5+ Kc8 22.Bxb8 Kxb8 23.Rd1Draw agreed.

If you participated in the Simul and would like Coach Lars to consider YOUR game for his next Live Game Breakdown, please email it below:

Ken Farr Memorial Action Tournament 2024

On Saturday, March 23rd, CCC held its first Saturday USCF Rated tourney --The 2024 Ken Farr Memorial in honor of our late friend.  

20 competitors faced off against each other over 5-rounds of fighting chess!  Not surprisingly, FM Lars won clear first place but only after some dangerous moments in his last round game with Justin Tolman who managed to hold the Master to a Draw!

Thank you to all that participated and to the Farr family for visiting us, providing refreshments and donating an allotment of Ken's Chess books to the club.  Complete results are below:


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FM Meyer (Coach Lars) does it again!

Not only did Coach Lars sweep the field in our end of year Christmas tourney, but he also took clear first place in CCC's first USCF Rated Tournament of 2024!

FM Meyer scored an impressive 7/8 in the G/5 Blitz losing only one-single game to newcomer Jacob Guisto.  Congrats Lars!

Full results below:

meyer advert for emp tourney.jpg

2023 Coachella Chess Club Championship:
FM Meyer Defends his Title!!

Crown 2023.jpg

Coach Lars successfully defended his title of Coachella Chess Club Champion 2023 with an undefeated score in the Premier Group of the Championship.  Bravo Lars and CONGRATULATIONS!!

Adam Page took top honors in the Reserve Group, also with a perfect score!  Congrats Champs!

Reserve and Premier 2023.jpg

Coachella Chess Club has joined forces with to provide our members with the best online experience!         Be on the lookout for cool prizes from our partners including premium memberships, merchandise and more!

G5 Club Championship Qualifier      (the FINAL Qualifier)

The afternoon of October 26th saw 11 players battle-it-out for the last two remaining spots in this years Club Championship!  The tournament was hard-fought with many exciting games as well as many of the expected "Doozies" of a Blitz Tournament!

In the end, FM Lars Meyer took clear 1st place with a 5-0 score cementing his place in the Premier Group of the Club Championship.  Sal Flores was the highest scorer (U1700) not already qualified and secured his participation in the Reserve Group of the Championship! 

Bravo to all of the competitors!  Complete results below:

G5 final results 2023.png
G5 Blitz1.jpg
G5 Blitz2.jpg
G5 Blitz3.jpg

IM Vince McCambridge Simultanious Exhibition 10/19/2023

On October 19th, IM McCambridge came out to the Club to take on 18 determined CCC members in a Simultaneous Exhibition!

Vince scored a blistering 16.5 - 1.5 score,  adjudicating only two of the three Draws given due to lack of time at the Library.  A truly fantastic achievement that we are extremally grateful for -as ALL of the proceeds went to the Club and future Club projects!  Thank you again Vince!  --We look forward to having you back for some Rated tournaments soon!


G/20 Club Championship Qualifier

Congratulations to Ivan on taking clear 1st place in the G/20 Qualifier!  With this victory, Ivan secured his spot in the Premier Group of the Club Championship!

Sharing 2nd and 3rd place were Adam and Ken respectively, Adam picked up the spot in the Reserve Group of the Championship.

Congrats to all on a very hard-fought tournament!  

G20 final.jpg

G/10 Club Championship Qualifier 2023

The G/10 Qualifier took place on 9/21 and saw Elias Semaan take clear 1st place and a spot in this year's Club Championship Premier Group!  Ken and Dominik tied for 2nd place.   Both Ken (who replaced Elias in the CVSS Qualifier) and Dominik are now both slotted into the Reserve Group of the Championship.  Congrats to all!  Complete results are below:

10 results.jpg

The 1st Annual Coachella Valley Summer Swiss  8/24 - 9/14/2023

Congratulations to Axel van der Velden on winning the 1st Annual Coachella Valley Summer Swiss!  In clear second place was FM Lars Meyer who elected take a 1/2-point Bye in the Final round.  Third place was captured by Elias Semaan and Elliot Brennan took Best U1200 honors.

  With this victory, Axel earned a spot in the Club Championship Premier Group and Elias earned a spot in the Reserve Group.  Both events will be held later this year.

Below are the complete tournament results.  Thanks to all that participated!

pic for emp tourn.jpg

June USCF Rated Tournament

Our June 29th Tournament was a success and saw three groups of 5-players competing for Cash prizes.  Below are the final results:

Group 1.jpg
Group 2.jpg
Group 3.jpg

May 25th FM Lars Meyer Simul:  14-0!

Last Thursday, May 25th, Coach Lars gave 14 Club members quite the shellacking, finishing them off in just two hours with the undefeated score of 14-0!  

It was a fun, competitive and learning experience for all!

A big thank you to Lars for his generosity conducting this event.

Bravo Lars!!

Look for games from this simuil in the July Game Breakdown!


Chess Teaching for young Adults and Juniors (22 and younger) at La Quinta Library.


     As I have received many requests to offer lectures at a more affordable rate, I have decided, as an experiment, to conduct Chess Classes at La Quinta Library on Saturdays from 10 – 11:30am.

     These group lessons will be a mixture of lectures and supervised play among the students.  I will conduct these lessons on a trial-basis through the end of May.  Afterwards, I will evaluate, together with my students, if this is a viable way forward and if enough students will attend to make it worthwhile.

     The price will be $60 (per person) for the entire month ( 4 Saturdays/4 lessons) and registration is required prior to participation.

     To obtain a consistent flow in the teaching I can unfortunately not accept Students who only want to attend single sessions.

     This first course will be directed at players who are comfortable playing the game and knowledgeable about general rules like Castling, Pawn promoting and en-Passant capture, essentially a course for those individuals looking to improve to the next level.

                                                             The dates will be May 6, 13, 20 and 27.

     Please sign up via email or text to Coach Lars phone:442-236-8128

Number of participants is limited to 8.


     See you soon!

      -Coach Lars

angel lexi lars.jpg
Coach Lars.jpg

Our friends at Chess House have generously given CCC members a discount code for 12% off your purchase!

Use code "Coachella" at checkout!

April G/20 Action!

Congratulations to Lars Meyer for his clean-sweep of the top group! 

New member, Kameron Craig mowed down the competition in the second group with ma 2-0 score.  Good Job!!

Quads at CCC.jpg
April 4-man Group.jpg
April 3 am Group.jpg

March Blitz Double-Round Robin Tournament 3/30/2023

    Congratulations to FM Lars Meyer for winning 1st place in the Group A Double-Round Robin Blitz tournament with the perfect score of 10-0!  Bravo Coach Lars!!


    2nd place went to Axel van der Velden with 6-points, largely due to an upset victory in one of his match games against IM Vince McCambridge. 


    3rd place was shared between IM McCambridge and Gor Chailyan at 4.5 points each. 



    Group B was convincingly won by Monte Halprin with the blistering score of 9-1!  Great job Monte!


   2nd place in Group B was won by Elliot Brennan with 7 points and third place was shared by James Diaz (who was the only player to win against Group winner Monte!) and Dominik Rutkowski both with 6-points. 


Congratulations to all!!

USCF Rated G/5 Quad & Unrated G/10 Quad

Congratulations to Lars Meyer for winning the USCF Rated G/5 Quad with a perfect 3-0 score - 

and - congratulations to Ernesto Abadilla for winning the unrated G/10 Quad with the same perfect score!

Final results:

Rated Game in 5:

1st. Lars

2nd. Axel

3rd. James

4th. Elliot

Unrated Game in 10:

1st. Ernesto

2nd. Craig

3rd. Dominik

4th. Steven

Congratulations to all -and remember -more USCF Rated Blitz Action on March 30th! See the website for more details and get registered No Later than March 23rd!

FM Lars Meyer Simul 02/23/2023

FM Meyer took just a little over an hour to demolish the field in his first CCC Simul on Thursday at the La Quinta Library.  Lars scored an impressive 9-1 yielding only two Draws - to Gor Chailyan and Axel van der Velden respectively.   Some of the games from the Simu will be posted in the March edition of Game Breakdown with light notes by Lars.

Thank you to all that participated and to those that came to watch, it was a fun night for all.  We will be hosting more events like this one in the future.

News & Updates

 *If using a mobile device, scroll down to bottom of page for images and diagrams

As of Thursday, August 18th, we will meet weekly at the La Quinta Public Library from 4pm - 6:30pm.  All ages and skill level are welcome. 


















A big THANK YOU to the LQ Library who, beginning in November, are allowing the Coachella Chess Club use of their large and well-equipped Annex Room for our meetings.   This will make hosting larger events like Simultaneous Exhibitions and Rated tournaments much easier and more comfortable for all!


Get those games in for Lars' monthly Game Breakdown!  Email them to


Congrats to Lars on winning the Summer Game in 10 tournament on 9/1.

  Below are the top 3 finishers:

1).  Lars

2).  Elliot

3).  Axel


Be sure to submit any of your interesting games that you would like FM Meyer to "Breakdown" in his monthly Instructional!   He will select one each month!  email games to


In addition to hosting some USCF Rated Blitz & Quick Chess Tournaments (Game in 5 and 15 minutes) on the horizon, Coach Lars will also be conducting a Simultaneous Exhibition and Game Lecture!     -More details to follow!

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