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Coachella Chess Club Welcomes You

Welcome to our site!   We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us!

*NOTE*   Some features on the CCC website are best viewed on a Desktop or Laptop computer - especially the Game Breakdown column as Diagrams are a bit "skewed" on the mobile version.


About Us

The Coachella Chess Club (CCC) was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to sharing a passion with others and promoting USCF (US Chess) Rated events as well as casual play.  We are a USCF Affiliate and conduct Rated as well as Unrated events on a regular basis. 


Based in Coachella, CA, CCC is representative of all the desert cities in the Coachella Valley.   We are an active and enthusiastic Chess Club with events and activities taking place year-round. We like to keep up the energy and excitement, always welcoming new members to take part. Simply put, we love getting together to do what we love.

 Players of all ages and skill level are welcome.  Currently, CCC meets every Thursday from 4pm - 6:45pm at the La Quinta Public Library where we host Rated Tournaments, Exhibitions and casual play on a regular basis.

Due to lack of regular attendance on Saturdays and Sundays, the Thursday meetings at the Library will be CCC's only formal meeting time and place.

Please contact us for more information.

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Coachella Chess Club is now a Club Affiliate of .  Be on the lookout for cool prizes and incentives for Club members in conjunction with our partnership with them   If you haven't already, check out and join our Club Page!


It's great to see so many new and enthusiastic players visit us each week and soo many talented youth, incredible!  Thank you!

Please join us this Thursday, December 14th for casual play and matches.  As always, spectators are welcome!

CCC Christmas Tournament -December 21st!   Please join us for this unique, end of year Tournament which is open to all. What makes this tournament unique is that it will have handicapped time controls to even the odds between higher rated players and lower rated.  This is sure to be a lot of Fun!  Chess-Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers (after tie-breaks) and an autographed copy of GM Joel Benjamin's excellent book "Winning the World Open" will be won by one lucky participant selected by random draw! Oh, and it's FREE to enter!! :)

**FIDE Master (Coach) Lars Meyer has confirmed his participation! -This is YOUR chance to "even-the-odds" against him as he will play all of his opponents at the handicap of 3 minutes to 17 minutes.  Those are some serious time-odds! **

Rating difference (higher rated player has the time deficit):

0-200               = 10 to 10 (10 minutes each player)

201-400           = 8 to 12

401-600           = 6 to 14

601+                  = 5 to 15

As an added incentive, anyone that beats Lars in their match will get a free entry to their next USCF Rated event held at our Club (up to $25)!

Please secure your spot ASAP by emailing the club as space is limited!

--Want to play a USCF Rated Match or Quad against other CCC members?   We can have them as often as we'd like, so let us know at the Club!   :)

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Chess Lessons 

FM Lars Meyer is available for individual and group lessons.   Be sure to check out his monthly "Game Breakdown" -where Lars dissects Member submitted games in instructive fashion! 


Click the "Coach Lars" button or visit the Club Store for more info and FM Meyer's personal bio!

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